Monday, March 31, 2008

Guest Post: On the Road in Pennsylvania

This post comes from my friend Annie.

So I was driving to work this morning and saw a SUV with the license plate that says TITLIST. I’m thinking the guy is a golfer and wanted it to say TITLEIST but couldn’t score that plate or at least I hope that was the case!! I have seen this vehicle before and all I see every time is the naughty version of it….did the guy not think when he agreed to have that plate after hopefully his first request got denied??

Heh heh... TITLIST.


caramama said...

That's awesome.

Now I have the voice of Beavis in my head going "TIT-li-est" hehe.

Mel said...

What a loser.
Reminds me of the ASSMAN plate on Seinfeld!

sara said...

That's so funny. I once saw a license plate that said ILUVCRABS. Hopefully he liked seafood and not crabs...weird people..makes me feel normal!