Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Adventures With a Digital Recorder

Steve got me a digital recorder for Christmas, so I could record any deep thoughts I have while driving. I'd been using it intermittently for a while when I noticed the battery was already low. I assumed the device just eats batteries. But that wasn't it. Today, I noticed there were 11 files saved on it, and I couldn't figure out what they might be. I started listening.

It seems that I had forgotten to switch the "hold" button on, and I had inadvertently recorded:
  • Several lengthy files of me walking around at work (my heels going "clomp clomp clomp," me saying hello to people);
  • One file containing four hours of silence (I think it turned on when I put my laptop in my work bag and it recorded through the night); and
  • One especially brilliant one -- it was a minute of rustling sounds, capped by the sound of the toilet flushing and me washing my hands.


Rebecca said...

My phone records video of the inside of my purse ALL the time. I never want to lock it because it's such a production to unlock it just to make a call.

Missy said...

AHAHAAHAHAHAH! You crack me up! At least it was YOUR recorder and you didn't have your cell phone dial out while you did these things. :P

caramama said...

That's too funny! But were you singing Happy Birthday while you washed your hands? (That was the song that you're supposed to sing to make sure you wash your hands long enough, right?)

Ken said...

Those are "found noises." Congratulations -- you're now an avant-garde musician. I look forward to the CD. (Well, not really.)

What kind of recorder? All the musicians I know are getting the Zoom recorders, either the H2 or H4. (I have, strangely enough, one of each.)