Sunday, March 16, 2008

Organizing the Parrot Head Movement

On one of my commutes last week, I found myself behind a Dodge Caravan sporting one of those special interest license plates, you know, the ones that are pre-printed with designations like "Horse Enthusiast," "Hokie Grad," or "Bowler." Well, this special interest was "Parrot Heads" and the plate itself said something like "4PIRATE."

To get a special interest license plate in VA, you need to get at least 350 prepaid applications. That seemed kind of counter to the flip-flops-and-Corona spirit of parrot heads. Organizing a shared special interest license plate is quite an organizational endeavor. Maybe they passed out the applications at a Buffett concert when the fans were potentially impaired and especially pliant. Next thing they knew, a license plate is showing up in the mail.

If it wasn't that, I'm baffled.


Rebecca said...

Check out

I guess if you care about those issues you have to be a little organized. :)

nutmeg96 said...

Whoa. That blows my mind.

Missy said...

You've clearly never been to a Buffett show, huh? :P (I live with a parrot head *sigh*)

nutmeg96 said...

Missy, I was thinking of your pics from a couple of years ago when I saw the plate! :)