Friday, March 7, 2008

Some Things Are Always Funny

Things that are always funny (as long as they don't happen to you):
  • Accidental macing
  • Gas passed in a formal setting (especially if you aren't sitting next to them)
  • Pants/skirt falling off unintentionally
  • Tripping and/or falling down in front of a crowd
  • Toilet paper on the shoe or hanging from an article of clothing
  • When a friend's online dating service matches her up with a guy whose picture contains the caption, "getting ready for the Renaissance Festival"
What's on your list of things that are always funny?


Kendra said...

It's always funny when a friend shows you an email that her soon to be ex sister-in-law inadvertently sent to her, rather than the other person she meant to send it to, and it says "I don't trust her as far as I could throw her. She must be up to something."

caramama said...

You know I think grammar mistakes are always funny when the speaker/writer doesn't know that it's a mistake.

nutmeg96 said...

Those are good ones. :)

I thought of another one. The first name "Dick" is always funny if the last name is an action or description, like "Dick Green" or "Dick Swetz."

Mel said...

1) when the dog farts out loud and looks around in disbelief at the sound and slowly realizes it came from HIS ass and begins to sniff back there

2) busting someone picking their nose in the car next to you during heavy traffic

3) that moment when you are walking right at someone but both of you go the same direction to get around one another; worst when this happens multiples times and when the someone is of the opposite sex

m said...

Those are good ones. The last one made me guffaw.

I will always laugh at slapstick and poop jokes of any kind. Sorry, poop is funny.

1.) when someone turns around to continue their conversation with someone and it's you instead.

2.) similar to falling, its hard for me to not laugh when I watch someone walk into something (parking meter, door) when they aren't paying attention.