Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Client Work: In Support of Mogwai

I never talk about work on here because I think it's generally a boring topic, and it also seems like a great way to get fired. But I've recently started working on a project that is having some assorted "challenges," and as a result, the team I'm working with has instituted a number of hard-and-fast rules. The team was informed of these rules during an anti-motivational meeting in which the manager's finger pointed at us all numerous times. (Thankfully, it was quite uncharacteristic of my experiences to date in this particular career.)

I don't remember all the rules verbatim, but I'll try to give you an idea of them here.
  • This task and no other must be a priority
  • Do not announce yourself on conference calls
  • Do not allow too many of your team members to attend the same meeting
  • The client may joke around with you, but you do NOT joke around with the client
  • Keep it out of bright light
  • Never get it wet
  • Never, ever, ever feed it after midnight

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