Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still Waiting

I still haven't started bleeding and I haven't gotten my second opinion. I will call for that tomorrow, but my next appointment with Dr. Mango is Thursday. I believe at that point we will schedule a D&C. I am very much ready to have this situation behind me.

It is so strange to go from being terrified of finding blood to actually hoping for it.

Dr. Mango behaved as if this was my first miscarriage. I had shown him my chart from the first pregnancy, showing a 24-day-long luteal phase. He had no explanation for that, but still said he couldn't confirm that I was pregnant because I never had a positive blood test (because my last doctor wouldn't see me until I made it to 8 weeks). I am so frustrated about this. I am planning to go to a fertility specialist/reproductive endocrinologist in a couple of months. In the meantime, we'll be taking time off from the babymaking attempts.

Two classic statements by Dr. Mango made me think he might not be the doctor for me:
"It's nature's quality control." That does not help. Also: "At least we do better than cows! 50% of cow pregnancies end in miscarriages!"

Again, not helping.

14 things that suck about miscarriages
  1. Pregnancy becomes frightening instead of exciting.
  2. You have to start all over again.
  3. You worry you might not be able to get pregnant again.
  4. Suddenly the number of pregnant women in your world seems to rise exponentially.
  5. Inevitably, a close family member will announce her pregnancy when her pee is barely dry on the stick. Of course, her pregnancy will go swimmingly. She will opine that her pregnancy is God's will.
  6. Your doctor assures you that miscarriages are very common. (Then why do you feel so alone?)
  7. You wonder what's wrong with you.
  8. You want to know why. Why can't you have a baby? Why do kids huffing glue under the boardwalk have no problem, and you were eating your vegetables and exercising and taking your prenatal vitamins ... why didn't it matter?
  9. You study statistics, even though they don't mean anything.
  10. You wonder if overuse of your laptop could have caused it.
  11. You wonder if your prescription eye drops could have caused it.
  12. You wonder if you caused it by not being hopeful enough.
  13. You wonder how you will handle another pregnancy and the worry that will come with it.
  14. You wonder if the worry will cause this to happen again.

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DCSportsChick said...

Dr. "Mango?" Seriously, this dr. sounds like an ass, the two bad comments notwithstanding. You have to find a new dr.

Good luck with your appt. I hope things go smoothly.