Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life Goes On ... Time to Crack the Egg

On Saturday, Steve cracked open the ostrich egg. It was an adventure just opening it up. First Steve tried a knife. That was unsuccessful.

Next he started smacking it with a spoon. Breakthrough! (left)

It filled a large portion of a big plastic bowl. I offered Steve the Kitchen-Aid mixer, but he thought that was overkill. So I whisked it.

And whisked it.

And whisked it.

Meanwhile, Steve pulled out the largest frying pan we own, a wedding gift from one of Steve's coworkers. The card had advised me that if Steve gets out of line, I should hit him with the frying pan. Steve prepared the pan with some beech mushrooms, green peppers and onions.

Half of the egg filled the frying pan to capacity. Half of one egg! In the end, Steve ate three large breakfasts from one ostrich egg over the course of the Memorial Day weekend.

Steve reported that the ostrich egg tasted like a regular egg. The findings of our exotic egg project are that duck and goose eggs are the richest. A future experiment will involve using duck eggs in creme brulee.

Below, one-third of the scrambled ostrich egg, some bacon and toast.

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