Sunday, May 20, 2007

Goose Eggs for Breakfast

Steve considered breaking out the ostrich egg this weekend, but we decided to wait until next weekend, Memorial Day weekend, when he'll have three days to eat all the eggs. (He decided scrambling is the way to go.)

Instead, this weekend he ate the goose eggs. Each one seems to contain as much egg as maybe three large chicken eggs.

On Saturday morning, he fried one and ate it on a bagel sandwich (left, prior to placing on the bagel). The yolk was almost as wide and deep as the bagel itself.

On Sunday, he made a scrambled goose egg with spinach and cheese. Look at that thing (right)! It's just one egg!

He reports that the yolk is very rich.

We also mused on the shape of the goose egg, also slang for a zero on an assignment, and wondered if the more oblong oval simply looked more like a zero than a chicken egg, or if people ate a lot of goose eggs back in the day so it seemed only natural.

You never hear anyone threaten kids with a chicken egg on a test or paper.

Finally, Steve harvested our first crop yesterday -- eight tiny red potatoes. It appears they were pulled too early. See photo at left with a penny included to the far right for perspective. The potato volume of the yield appears to be smaller than the volume of the single potato we planted. Lessons learned: plant deeper, pull later. We have another one growing in another pot that we planted deeper, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for that one.

Today we planted some cucumbers, okra, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, and collards in the new plantar and some nearby pots. My gardener aunt told us last summer that her (evil) father, my grandfather, used to plant seeds and say, "well, grow if you're gonna." I never liked him, but that seems like a wise perspective for gardening. So there's one redeeming thing about him, anyway.

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