Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Annoying Questions From Well-Meaning People

Yesterday I talked to my friend Christy for the first time in a while. She mentioned that she's talked to her longtime boyfriend about getting married. I admitted that I had been wondering about their plans -- they've been dating for about 5 years -- but I didn't want to ask, because it might be a sore subject. Turns out, it may have been. She has been bringing it up for a while with her boyfriend, and he's just on his own schedule for the whole thing. Stay tuned.

The inappropriate-question issue has hit home recently for me when people ask when Steve and I are going to have kids. I just say, "it's on the agenda," and think "you idiot." There are so many questions that people ask regularly just to make conversation without realizing how upsetting/annoying they might be.
"Are you going to get married?"
"Are you going to have kids?"
"When are you going to have kids?"
"Are you going to have another kid?"
None. Of. Your. Business.

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