Thursday, February 7, 2008

Better Luck Next Time

Today was Day 11 of my medicated cycle, so I went in to get my ovaries and lining checked. I had two great follicles -- on my right ovary. Unfortunately, since I was born without a right fallopian tube (and right side of my uterus), that is not particularly helpful. The left ovary was sitting there quietly all hooked up to my half-uterus, but keeping a low profile, follicle-wise.

The doctor said we could go ahead with the trigger shot this month on the offhand chance that -- get this -- my left fallopian tube swings over and picks up the eggs from the right ovary. (I have heard of women with unicornuate uteruses [UUs] getting pregnant when they knew the unattached ovary was the one producing eggs, so I guess that's how it goes down.) But I decided just to stop the meds for this cycle. I'd rather really go for it when the chances were high.

I'm bummed, but philosophical about the whole thing. I guess that's easy since it was the first real attempt under medical observation. I wonder how far this thing will go before we actually succeed.


caramama said...

I actually have a friend who got pregnant from an egg from her unattached ovary, and she has a beautiful son. So it can definitely happen. But I totally understand wanting to wait until the chances are higher. Next cycle might produce on the other side. I'll have my fingers crossed for you!

Rebecca said...

Where there's a will there's a way, eh?

Don't we switch sides month to month anyway? Hang in there, dude.

Hey, this is a good sign: The letters for the comment verification kind of make the word "uterus." OK, "uetrxus" or something like that, but close!