Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hey, Isn't That Massanutten Mountain?

This evening I was blessed with another opportunity to drive home with the windows cracked in spite of the calendar. When I crossed over Route 50 going south on the Fairfax County Parkway, I noticed the awesome sunset to my right -- orange and red streaks yawning up from behind the Blue Ridge. It used to pain me that I could see the Blue Ridge on my commute -- I mean, I used to work in Manhattan. Today, because the sky was so clear and the sun was illuminating the west, I realized I can see not only the easternmost mountains, but the ones behind those too.

Meanwhile, I acquired a baritone ukulele from Steve's family (it was Grandma Sara's) and have been trying to play it. Actually, playing it is not a problem. Getting it to stay tuned is where I'm going wrong. But seriously -- a ukulele?

My life is currently the opposite of "we're not in Kansas anymore."


Christy said...

I want a ukulele. Maybe we could start a ukulele band!

caramama said...

The weather has been SO nice! I'm glad you are enjoying it and getting to see a beautiful sunset. I'd have to leave before dark to see one of those. :(

Cool that you are trying out a ukulele.