Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pump Room Soundtrack

The NICU provides a pumping room for NICU moms who spend a lot of time with their babies. It has its own culture and etiquette, which I won't get into here. It also has its own radio, which is worth mentioning for the sheer inappropriateness of much of the music.

Some songs I've heard while pumping:
Black Dog, Led Zeppelin
Nights in White Satin, Moody Blues
The Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult
Free Bird, Lynyrd Skynyrd (seriously)
We Will Rock You, Queen

The last one was the most jarring. I mean really.

Today, I finally heard what I deemed an appropriate song for the environment (the chorus, at least) -- Red Rubber Ball by Cyrkle:

And I think it's gonna be all right.
Yeah, the worst is over now,
The morning sun is shining like a Red Rubber Ball.


Brenna said...

Oh my goodness! Those songs are hilarious. I'm imagining "We will, we will...rock you! (pump) Rock you!" (pump). Craziness.

I do love the last one, though, particularly since it seems to be relevant for your sweet family.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

Wow. If the music wasn't so wrong for the environment, it'd be seriously funny. SNL could benefit from this material.

Bluebird said...

Just found you from ICLW, and plan on following along. . . I read back a ways and your story is just so touching. I lost our twins due to early onset HELLP/pre-e, and have been told to expect hospital bedrest and a premie in a subsequent pregnancy. The thought of either or both of those things terrifies me! But you seem to have been handling yourself with such grace and dignity. I consider it a glimpse into a secret world that I might also visit one day.

I'll be thinking of your little girl and praying for her continued health and strength. And feel free to share some of the NICU mom etiquette to which you allude - I'm sure it would give us a laugh! (or perhaps a cry?!)

sara said...

Oh geez...those songs are crazy! The first few times I pumped at the hospital for Brynn I could swear that the motor on my pump in style sounded like it was saying "Let down, let down," instead of just creaking as it pumped. husband and I are crazy I know :-) I'm glad to hear Lexie is holding her own..I think of you both often ((Hugs))

~Jess said...

WOW! I would think of something along the lines of classical or something to be more "appropriate". Like the PP said about "we will rock you": Too funny.


Hilary said...

HEHEHEHE!! Just the sound the pump makes alone is crazy enough..hang in there!! :)

KandiB said...

I guess it could be worse! Maybe those same songs put to elevator music?


areyoukiddingme said...

I'm trying to remember the wheezy beat of the pump and line it up with some Zepplin and I just can't do it. The rock station probably doesn't create that special feeling that makes pumping easier, does it?

Glad to hear Lexie has graduated to a little more independence. I hope she'll be home with you soon.

Mama Bear said...

those seem to be strange for that room! your daughter is just beautiful!!!!

dcpeg said...

Who on Earth would have selected such music? Had to be a man, right?

"Red Rubber Ball" brings back such nice, warm memories from my teens. I can understand how it made you feel a little less stressed.

You're both doing so well! Won't be long before you, Lexie and Daddy can start an "ordinary" family life! Won't THAT be something!!

Mary said...

Someone should be fired, lol. That's just silliness.