Thursday, May 15, 2008

In the End, the Odds Remained the Same


Yesterday I went for another monitoring appointment, and the doctor determined that I just wasn't going to be ovulating this month. She said sometimes that happens with Clomid, and she said my regular doctor might want to increase the dosage. I noted that I already ovulated normally on my own, so I didn't think increasing the dosage would be useful. She said sometimes you just don't ovulate anyway. And she sent me on my way, telling me to call on my next Day 1.

I admit I wasn't looking forward to another two weeks of progesterone and the associated side effects. In fact, I was dreading it. So I'm actually kind of relieved that I don't have to go through that again this month.

But I'm done with the medicated cycles. The whole point of them was to increase the odds of a pregnancy each month by giving me meds to ensure my left ovary ovulated each time (that's the attached one). This is based on the assumption that someone with my condition starts with half the chance of a person with normal girl parts. Well, I did 4 medicated cycles. And two of them were canceled. 50%. My chances remained exactly the same.

Seriously, screw this. I'm not doing another one. I'm taking a few months off to do some crazy "Eastern medicine" herb treatments recommended by my acupuncturist. Why not? It couldn't possibly screw me up as much as the meds I've been on. It'll probably make me healthier, because the treatments include diet changes that involve copious vegetable consumption. In the fall I'll head back to the doctor if we haven't had luck on our own and if they have some new ideas.

Your Happily Drug-Free Pal


Rebecca said...

This is a profound commentary to the description of choices and trajectory you have on your blog. I hope your veggies lead you somewhere interesting (beyond the bathroom, anyway).

Mel said...

I don't blame you.
I am so over feeling totally medicated for no good reason at this point.
I may be joining you soon.

sara said...

I'm sorry that they felt like you didn't ovulate this month. That seemed to be my problem with clomid too. Two of our IUIs even got cancelled because I didn't respond well to that month's clomid dose even though I had the month before. Uping my dose did help, but in the end I had better response with Femara, which didn't make me feel so crappy either. Sometimes people have really good luck stopping meds and doing the other stuff you were talking about, I'm sure it's really healthy anyways like you said and it's probably something that would help everyone! Just know I'm still here listening each step on the way :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the meds didn't work. But you never know - the Eastern stuff might work better. I know that the herbs I took for my headaches (along with the dietary changes) straightened out my physical ailments all at the same time.