Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Force Is With Him on His Daily Commute

I've seen some fun license plates lately on the road. Two more parrothead plates:
  • A1ASOU
And this one, which made me wonder what the guy's motivation was. Big Star Wars fan? Writer of fan fiction? Does he look like Harrison Ford 30 years ago? It was:
  • H4N SOLO
Pretty sweet.


Mel said...

seriously, I saw one the other day that said "PMS 666"
it was a chevy venture or something driven by a rather large woman... i had to laugh.
thanks for sharing!

alicia said...

ha ha!! so funny. people pick the weirdest things for their liscene plates!

oh and glad you enjoyed the semon demon guy! he was sooo funny! I just couldn't believe how fast he was!

Elizabeth said...

I love trying to figure out what license plates mean. Thanks for posting!

And good luck with the herbs. It's worth a shot!

sara said...

That's it, I definitely need to finally get a cool license plate since so many people have weird ones!

Becoming Mommy said...

Actually, my youngest brother had a classmate in HS (in NoVa) who's name was Han Solo. He was Asian, of course.

Could have just been him announcing his name.