Saturday, November 15, 2008

22 Weeks and All Is Well

As of today, the little girl sitting on my bladder is 22 weeks along. I continue to be shocked and thankful each time the doctor reports that things are looking fine. She continues to jump around so much that we haven't gotten any good ultrasound pictures. I have high hopes for the next visit, the day before Thanksgiving -- when she'll be about 24 weeks, the first reasonable point of viability.

I'm getting pretty tired of Gatorade, but I dutifully chug 20 ounces of the sport drink first thing every morning to calm down my irritable uterus. It does seem to be working -- the contractions are much less intense as long as I've had Gatorade or salty food (which makes me retain water). I'm still working but trying to take it easy. My job can be pretty intense, so taking it easy is a challenge, but I do what I can and I'm lucky that my boss is supportive on those days I need to work from home.

We still haven't bought anything for the baby. That's probably not normal, I know. But this still doesn't seem like a sure thing. We did finally start looking into daycare, which was a big step for me. When people congratulate me on my pregnancy, I try really hard to just smile and say thank you. And when they ask me when I'm due, I try to just say "March 20" instead of adding that I will probably not make it that far.

It would be a great irony if, after all this worrying, I actually made it to full term.

Please take some time to hop over and congratulate my UU compatriot Sara, who made it to 35 weeks with lots of complications before giving birth to the 4-pound baby Brynn on Nov. 8.


sara said...

You are too sweet! And the fact that you are 22 weeks already leaves me grinning ear to ear :-) You might just prove them all wrong and go to term - I'll be hear cheering you on! (and don't worry about not buying anything - you know when you'll be ready to do that - and if it's not until right before the baby is due...then there is not a darn thing wrong with that. People who don't have the risk factors of things like a UU might not understand, but I can sure know where you're coming from. Take your time, you'll know when you're ready.) ((hugs))

Annie said...

Wow, 22 weeks already! Cannot wait to hopefully see you and your PG belly over Thanksgiving!

Rebecca said...

I have been trying to decide when I can start knitting you a blanket. One, I need to allow enough time to finish. But mostly it's a very personal thing. It's not like you just give it to someone else or "save it for the next one." I imagine it would feel like that for high chairs and onesies and everything else. There is this weird, "hold-out" feeling going on, not wanting to jinx anything. (Not that I'm overly superstitious.)

But 22 weeks is enough to celebrate in its own right, without it having to serve the March 20 goal. I'd say it's time for a pampering party for Mommy, when we can get you pedicures and massages and maternity wear. That kid will get plenty of her own stuff later.

Btw, you had better let me know if and when you have a shower. I am so driving out there for that. How could I not, after the amazing one you threw for me?