Monday, October 13, 2008

Music Rules for My Car

Since the XM-Sirius merger, XM seems to have trimmed its playlist. Some of the denizens of the various XM-user message boards say this had been in the works for a while; either way, I'm having to flip through channels a lot more lately to find a song I want to stick with. There have been times that many of my personal automobile music rules would have been flouted had I not continued the search.

My overarching rules are:
  • No jazz flute
  • No James Taylor
  • No "Locomotion" by any artist
  • No Gloria Estefan
  • No Jonas Brothers
  • No Jesse McCartney
These rules are subject to change at any time, and do not include the banning of individual songs (a topic for a later post). What are your music rules? Are they absolute, or are they flexible?

BTW, OB checkup tomorrow. Hoping all is well. Fingers crossed...


Rebecca said...

"Locomotion" is the first thing I heard on my "Sweatin' to the Oldies 2" exercise video. Now that I've been using it again, I hear this stupid song everywhere I go, in stores, in elevators and it's making some weird comeback on the radio.

My rules are no music that talks about beating up anyone or glamorizing prostitution. And no Chicago or Peter Cetera, which constituted the bulk of the mix tapes my high school sweetheart made for me.

dcpeg said...

My biggest music rule is to avoid, at all costs, those horrible sounding fake drums -- you know, the table-top, flat things. Can't stand the sound. Most rap is outside my comfort zone. Other than that, I like most every type of music -- classical to Jamaican steel drums. I think it's some kinda rythm thing with me. ;-)

BklynJace said...

You gotta cut Little Eva herself a break. The cover versions aren't her fault.

Missy said...

NO COUNTRY! that's my only real rule. lol