Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Perspective

I had a checkup today to ensure my cervix was still behaving. (Thankfully, it was. All looks good for now.)

While I was waiting in the exam room at my high-risk OBs' office, I noticed an appointment schedule on the bulletin board. It listed women by name, and included a "notes" field. In the notes field were things like, "triplets -- wants reduction" and "blood clot in neck." Leaving aside the obvious privacy concerns, it kind of drove home for me how lucky we have been so far in this pregnancy.

Sure, we have some adversity. But things could be a lot worse.


caramama said...

I always think about that as well. How some people have had to struggle through a lot more that I have. It does put things in perspective.

But I can't believe they would just post that up for anyone to see! I hope you said something!

Rebecca said...

I would have written my own note next to my name: "Would like some damn privacy."

But then again, maybe it's not a good idea to be snarky to the qualified people who are helping you. :)

dcpeg said...

I totally agree with the ladies. Such personal information for just anyone to see!! That needs to change.

Glad everything is going well so far. Fingers still crossed!!

Mel said...

So behind here, sorry!
Congratulations on the pregnancy!! That is awesome. :) I am glad things are going well.

sara said...

I am so glad as well that things have gone well - it makes me smile from ear to ear for you! Thanks so much for checking in with us. I really appreciate it. Been thinking of you as well :-)