Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Baby

Earlier this week we got some serious snow. It was notable even by the standards of my former home in Upstate New York. For my current home in Virginia, it was just short of apocalyptic.

We had about 20 inches when all was said and done.

We took Lexie out in the snow so she could really experience her first blizzard. At first, she liked it.

Then, not so much.

Maybe next year.


Brenna said...

Awww, Lexie! Love her little purple snow suit. I meant to comment on your last post too, which was so moving. I'm continually amazed by the strength and will that brought sweet Lexie into the world, and hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year's.

caramama said...

I'm not sure which picture is cuter! Hehe!

dcpeg said...

Hard to get around in deep snow on such short legs! Next year, she'll feel differently about it.

Merry Christmas!

dcpeg said...

Just noticed - no mittens on those little hands! They got cold and that's why she decided she didn't like snow. Better luck next time.

Two Shorten the Road said...

Peg, for some reason she FREAKS OUT when something goes on her hands. Her snowsuit has hand coverings, but she gets out of those too (evidenced by the photo). I don't think she'll be submitting to mittens this season, although hopefully by next year we'll be able to do the "no mittens, no outside" thing. This year it would have just been "no outside" and that would have been no fun. :)

Saffy said...

Lexie is still ultra cute :) and I'm blown away by the snow. It's beautiful. Wayyyyyy down here in NZ we're in "summer" (supposedly) so it's just sunshine. Oh for a Christmas that's cold enough to really enjoy good old stodgy food. Have a very very Merry Christmas with that beautiful little girl of yours.

areyoukiddingme said...

That was about the lifespan of my daughter's snow enjoyment...

It took until she was 2 for her to really enjoy it - then I had to drag her back inside. Now she's ready to shovel every time we get a dusting of snow.

Love the purple snowsuit - Lexie is still adorable!

Andrew said...

We played the same scenario in Jersey. Leo hates the gloves, but cries about the cold.

The good news: Jude (almost 3), finally loves the snow. Of course, now we can't get him to come back inside.