Friday, October 23, 2009

Lexie and Her Doggie

I haven't written much here about our beagle, Wendy. We've had her since a fateful Beagle Adoption Day in 2005. She's a sweet pup, but she's pretty old (probably about 13) and the vet recently gave her a maximum of about 6 months due to a variety of illnesses and complications she's having. I think that's probably fairly optimistic, and based on some recent collapsing spells she's been having, it may be a lot sooner. We're trying to make her as comfortable as possible for now.

Wendy hasn't been all that interested in Lexie except when babyfood is involved. She has allowed Lexie to pet her when Lexie has been gentle, but as soon as the fur gets grabbed, Wendy hobbles away to her dog bed. But Lexie LOVES her doggie. She finds Wendy to be absolutely hilarious. And Wendy stands there wondering what everyone is laughing at.


dcpeg said...

What an adorable giggler! Lexie is growing like a weed now,isn't she!

Sorry about Wendy's failing health. It's so hard to watch that happen. Glad you're able to make her comfortable for whatever amount of time she has left.

eatingaroundDC said...

Megan -- I am so sorry to hear about Wendy's health. I am glad to see how happy she makes Lexie though!

areyoukiddingme said...

Poor Wendy looks so confused by all the attention!

You must love to hear Lexie giggle - it's so cute.

caramama said...

That was so adorable! I was laughing right along with you guys.

I'm sorry to hear about Wendy. I love that dog so much. She is such a sweetie.