Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday Night on My Own

Steve is out of town this week. I do miss him, but there's something about this evening that I'm really enjoying.

This Monday night, I don't have to watch his favorite program: Antiques Roadshow.

Instead, I'm watching the Bachelorette. She's kind of a shrew, based on this episode at least. She just bitched out all the guys for not paying attention to her at the pool. Nice.

Seriously, I think the Roadshow is better. But that's not what this is about.

This is about television freedom and control of the remote.


Mel said...

The Bachelorette is good for one thing only: staring at that guy Graham.
He is delish!
I also love it when hubby is out of town and I am in charge of the remote.

Rebecca said...

This is one of the advantages of Ted and I working opposite shifts: no remote fighting. On the weekends, I've just resigned myself to watching boxing with him. I'm actually getting to like it and learn more about it.

caramama said...

That's definitely a plus to the partner being out of town.

I tried to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 last night, then hubby came into the room. There went that plan.

adeliciouslife said...

I have to admit to watching the trashiest shows I can find on TV when my fiance is out - My Super Sweet Sixteen? Say Yes to the Dress? Real Housewives of New York City? Bring it on.

sara said...

As bad as it sounds, I always kind of feel the same way when my husband is out of town for work. I love the freedom of knowing I will cook exactly what I want, and watch exactly what I want uninterrupted. Hope you enjoy the alone time!

Chelle said...

Confession: I TiVo that show so I can watch it in bed at night. Did you notice that she moves her head a LOT when she's talking to the camera? She also seems to pick the freaky guys to make out with. What's up with that? I'd be making out with the HOT ones.

Missy said...

she said "shrew." HAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAAHA :D