Saturday, May 23, 2009

Too Much TV

Except for the six weeks Lexie was in the NICU, I have been watching a LOT of TV starting back when I entered hospital in November. To pass the time, I took to watching a soap opera or two here and there. The first thing I noticed, being in a hospital myself at the time, was the large percentage of characters being treated in the hospital at any given time. Then I noticed several more things that are out of proportion in soap opera world. My running list:

  • Hospitalizations
  • Fake pregnancies
  • Babies switched at birth
  • Evil twins
  • Characters missing and presumed dead (leaving the door open for a return)
  • Cases of mistaken identity
  • Number of cops
  • Number of doctors
  • Car accidents
  • Multiple marriages by the same person
  • Divorces/reconciliations
  • Whodunits
  • Amnesia

There must be more. What soap opera plot cliches can you think of?


m said...

Excellent list.

Haven't watched any in a decade at least, but I know I always really enjoyed the role of the evil Matriarch that seemed to dominate most of the soaps of my youth.

And what about romantic involvements with people who turn out to be siblings/parents/step-siblings or parents? i.e. are you telling me I almost slept with my BROTHER?

John said...

Elevator malfunctions resulting in unprotected sex;

Unprotected sex, except by teenagers told to use condoms during lame sweeps story;

Switched DNA results;

Rapidly aging children -- cute toddler morphs into angry teen by the following summer;

caramama said...

I'll give you Londo's:

Possession by the devil!!!

Okay, I can think of only one time (that I know of), but really? That was one too many.

nutmeg96 said...

Cara, I thought about that one -- but I only know of it happening the one time. I agree about that being one time too many. :)