Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 plus 7

I drove by the Pentagon last night, and saw the 9/11 Memorial all lit up. It's being dedicated today, 7 years later.

I felt like I should write something about 9/11. There's a lot I could write. I could write my story, but I've told my story before. I lived it, and I replayed it in my head for months afterward. And my story, while it seems harrowing to so many people who weren't in NYC or at the Pentagon that day, is nothing compared to the stories of many of my friends.

I'll just say that I feel so lucky that Steve and I are here, and together. And we are lucky that no one we are close to was killed on 9/11.

Life goes on. For most of us.


caramama said...

We are also lucky in our family.

We hope to visit the Pentagon memorial soon. Hopefully when I'm not quite as emotional as I am this week.

sara said...

I would like to visit the memorial someday as well. Hope you're doing well :-)

Elizabeth said...

9/11 is two days after my birthday, and while it seems trite, I feel like my birthday is forever tied to it. It feels weird to celebrate my birthday and then have such a sad day so soon afterwards.