Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Is It That...

...people who announce their pregnancies to the world (via email spam to distant acquaintances to whom they haven't spoken in months and months) when the pee is barely dry on the HPT stick *rarely* seem to have to follow up with a sad announcement? None of the early public announcers I have known have had any kind of adversity in the following weeks.

One-third of confirmed pregnancies end in losses, but it seems to me that the one-third must sit disproportionately with certain people.

I guess some of us are just freaking lucky.


caramama said...

I've known of two early announcers (both male coworkers) who's wives had miscarriages. So, there's two. But you are so right about the majority. I like to think that it's because most people do wait, so maybe proportionally it's hard to find those who've announced early but had miscarriages.

I will say that if a person has had one or knowns someone close to them who has, they tend to not say a word until the second trimester.

Becoming Mommy said...

I've also known early announcers to have to give sad news, they were also the ones that IMMEDIATELY wear maternity clothes. Meanwhile, their PMS bloat clothing should still be more than adequate.

And I agree with CaraMama. Those who know try to hold out till the 2nd trimester or when it becomes obvious (whichever comes first).