Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Two Questionable Call Signs

So, according to the Honolulu Star Bulletin, it seems that the FCC recently approved the call sign "KUNT" for a small TV station being built in Hawaii. If today were April 1 I would be certain this was a joke. Two things I find nearly unbelievable:
  1. The guy who requested the call sign claims he didn't realize the problem and is now very embarrassed. Come on now -- really?
  2. The FCC missed this? How is that possible when they are so vigilant about profanity, etc., in so many other ways?
According to the article, two years ago another guy was granted the KCUF call sign and continues to happily use it for his little Aspen station.

Apparently the KUNT guy is going to petition to change the call sign. It was one of two call signs he requested. The other one didn't appear to generate any concern in the article, but it is perhaps the most perfect call sign I could imagine, considering the circumstances.

Ready for it? Seriously. It is:


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DCSportsChick said...

OK, that's great. I think I like KWTF better, though...